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I am a Consultant, offering my services to individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, and agencies.  My primary aim is to help you access inner guidance and live a life that is harmonious, creative, and fulfilling.  My philosophy of life is holistic, eclectic, and practical.  In order to facilitate your development, I believe that it is my role to create an atmosphere of warmth, safety, respect, and openness, where you are free to explore the issues that you wish and envision the life that you want to create.  Together, we will examine the factors that are preventing you from reaching your goals, so that you are free to be true to yourself and live the life of your  dreams.  It is my belief that the changes you desire can be catalyzed by many things, including insight, compassion, support, motivation, intuition, confidence, faith, deliberate action, and a clear sense of purpose. 

Note: Dr. Sowerby is not a California licensed Psychologist.  If you are in need of professional counseling services, a referral will be made.